blood warrior. strong telapathic. grows wings and enjoys to fly. flursickian.




otto mcline. is a flursickian. his home world was destroyed. hey made a rift to a empty dimension. he was able to stay alive with out oxygen. with his life support suit. and with his watch that contained organic materials. and saved memmories. he was able to make a new life sustaining world. with skimna giving him powers through the process.
the first escaped spirit was a girl named sharyse. she fused with a tree it became to look like her original state. except with green hair. she had a major crush on otto. and now she is the queen of flursick.
otto is a blood warrior. he can turn his blood into a weapon. he had to become a pyrmiv/vampire. to become a master. he destroyed his clan in the end.
his first true skill was as a telepath. anything that had an electrical charge he could make it come to life. he also liked to zombiefy people. before he learned how to raise the dead.
then he became a spiritual swordsman. giving power to his blade. by either channeling his energy or his allies energy through the blade to give it amazing powers.
the ablility he uses most. is infection control. he can control any illnes. solidify any virus. bring the dead back to life. and give them thought with his telpathic powers if he so chooses.
he can also make clones. and when he kills himself. as many people as he touched that day. the same amount of clones will appear. each with different powers and elements. some might be more powerfull than others. he will also lower the enemies morale. and he will come back as a full power blood warrior.
that about somes it up.


otto mcline flursick